Replacing Yourself in Your Business: A Radical Approach to Growth, Scaling & Building Value

Replacing Yourself in Your Business: A Radical Approach to Growth, Scaling & Building Value

Fire Yourself as an Employee

Think about it: firing yourself. Sounds crazy, right? Especially with all the non-stop action of running your own show. But hear me out, there's some real wisdom in this wild idea. Entrepreneurs and small biz owners are all about chasing that freedom—freedom to be creative, to climb higher, and to steer their own ship. But, let's be real, they often get bogged down in the nitty-gritty day-to-day stuff and those endless little tasks that eat away at time for the big-picture thinking. So, when I say "sack yourself," I'm not talking about literally giving yourself the boot. It's about shaking things up and making room for growth. Let's dive into this radical approach to sustainable scaling and building business value.

The More The Business Relies On You, The Less Valuable It Is

Here's a proven truth. It might shock you , and it might not. You just don't know how to get there. The more your business relies on you, the less valuable it is. This is a hard pill to swallow for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. After all, most of us started our businesses because we wanted to be our own boss and have control over our destiny. But the truth is, if you're the only one who knows how to do everything and make all the important decisions, your business is not scalable and ultimately not valuable. To truly build a business that can grow and thrive without you, you need to let go of the reins and start replacing yourself as an employee.

The Paradox of Control

As business owners, we often think that the key to success lies in having control over every aspect of our business. We micromanage, obsess over details, and refuse to let go of any task or decision. But what if I told you that this need for control is actually holding us back from reaching our full potential? Scaling a business requires delegation and trust in others to handle tasks and make decisions. By trying to control everything, we limit the growth and impact of our business.

The Art of Delegation

Delegating is not just about getting rid of unwanted tasks, it's about strategically assigning responsibilities to those who are best suited for them. This means taking a step back and assessing your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths of your team. By delegating tasks to others, you free up your time for more important things like planning and strategizing for long-term growth.

Building a Strong Team

Of course, delegation requires having a strong team in place. This goes beyond just hiring employees; it's about creating a team culture that values collaboration, communication, and growth. As the leader of your business, it's your job to empower and develop your team members so they can take on more responsibilities and contribute to the growth of the business. Start by looking at your number two and identifying areas where they can take on more leadership and decision-making roles.

Replacing Yourself

Now comes the hard part—actually replacing yourself in your own business. This doesn't mean stepping down or giving up control entirely, but it does mean stepping back and allowing others to take on more responsibility. This may involve hiring a CEO or manager to oversee daily operations or creating an advisory board to help make important decisions. The key is finding the right people who align with your vision for the business and can help drive it forward.

Benefits for Your Business

By replacing yourself in your business, you create a more sustainable and scalable model. You also free up your time to focus on high-level tasks such as setting goals, developing strategies, and building relationships with clients and partners. This not only leads to growth and increased profitability for your business, but it also creates a more fulfilling role for yourself as a leader.

Only Working 20 Hours a Week

I had a client who, due to personal circumstances, was only able to work up to 20 hours a week to his work. It was sudden in his case with a health event. He could no longer do his craft, his profession. This constraint led to a significant restructuring of his business. Instead of getting entangled in everyday operations, he shifted his focus to the bigger picture, concentrating on strategic partnerships, marketing campaigns, and the development of new products. Remarkably, this shift not only sustained his business but facilitated its growth. He learned to relinquish control, entrusting his team with the daily operations, while he steers the company towards long-term success. He says it has been liberating. Everything is running smoothly, better than before.

What Sort Of Business Are They?

What sort of business is it you might ask? It is a professional service in the health industry providing sophisticated services to medium and large businesses. This involves complex sales and a strategic approach. They are unique in their space. They have a team of 25. They involve the whole team in it's growth and development. Everyday the team gets more discerning in understanding how business works. This takes them beyond their crafts and professions. This is a purpose driven business.

As I Say - "But How Could You?"

This is my challenge to you. But how could you only work 20 hours a week? You will need to shift your thinking, your activity, your focus and your team. You will need to prioritize above all what's important, from most important. There is a way to accelerate all of this. Yes it is challenging. The reality is this. If you don't do it you will be stuck where you are and limit your growth and ability to sell some day. I have seen some stats in Australia that only 18-20% of businesses sell in the end.

Up Lifting Your Team

Often by stepping out, your team rise to the challenge with the right frameworks and guidance. This creates a sense of ownership and accountability within the team, leading to increased motivation and job satisfaction. By allowing your team to take on more responsibility, you are investing in their growth as individuals and professionals, creating a stronger team dynamic. It's important to communicate clearly with your team during this transition and continue to support them as they take on new tasks.

Redefining High-Value Action Steps

Begin your ascent to strategic freedom by a meticulous audit of your activities. What tasks, currently under your purview, yield the highest value for your business? Categorize and interrogate your daily toil, questioning its necessity and where it fits within the grand scheme of business acceleration. For tasks deemed low-value, stratify their delegation or, when feasible, their removal from your operational repertoire. Challenge the status quo you've meticulously built, for the sake of strategic vigor and enterprise sustainability.

Forming a Strategic Triage

A critical facet of this replacement is the development of a comprehensive support framework. Identify at least two pivotal players who can bear the torch of execution, ensuring that your directives are methodically carried out. These lieutenants, in turn, will orchestrate their own teams, seeding a palpable culture of productivity and goal attainment throughout your business.

The Sustainable Strategic Evolution

People—your team—are the fulcrum upon which any sustainable scale is balanced. Align and empower your team with a clarity of purpose, your unique values and clear direction establishing not just operational efficiency but a culture that fosters personal growth and fulfillment. By infusing deeper meaning into the daily grind, by discovering and integrating individual and company values, by prioritizing intimacy in team relationships, you pave the way for a business that resonates with a collective and enduring "why" and, most importantly, a "how" that echoes the business's ethos.

Managing Your Mindset for Strategic Mastery

Complementing these structural and cultural overhauls is a steadfast commitment to managing your mindset and your state. When you are tuned to the frequencies of purpose, when alignment and flow encompass your work, sundry ancillary benefits unfold organically. Time, energy, discipline, focus, and intention coalesce into a harmonious, strategic symphony that propels your business forward with an unyielding, sustainable force.

A Roadmap to Strategic Disengagement

Scaling your business is a daunting task, fraught with numerous challenges and uncertainties. This comprehensive roadmap outlines a clear path toward strategic disengagement—a necessary step in achieving the sustained success you seek. By replacing yourself in your business, you open the doors to a world of strategic exploration, free of the constrictions that once tethered you to the operational landscape.

The Oasis of Freedom

A business owner who's truly free is not just a dream; it's totally doable. It means they've made a big shift towards being top in strategy and can really bring together their personal passion, cool innovations, and business wins. This is the realization of a vision for your business that goes beyond just surviving, but thriving and making an impact in the world. It's a journey worth embarking on, and one that can bring immense fulfillment and success to both you as a leader and to your business. Are you ready to make the leap?

This Is Part Of The Journey To Being Exit Ready

When should you start preparing your business for an exit? The answer is simple. If you are thinking, dreaming of selling in the next 2-3 years minimum, you need to start today. It takes time. Do it even if you don't intend to sell. It will streamline the business, boost profits and free you up. Being exit ready takes time. Even the process of selling will take 6 months and take your attention and focus.

This Is Best Suited For Established SMB Owners

If you have been in business for 10 years or more and created a critical mass of revenue, profitability and team this is a critical next phase of growth, scaling and building value. If you're just starting out, it's important to focus on establishing a solid foundation before considering this approach. But for those who have reached a level of success and are looking for the next step, this is where "sacking yourself" becomes relevant.

Increased Business Value

Depending on your business, it's size, revenue, margins and sustainable profits you can see an increase in value by 1.5 to 2 times simply by not being IN the business anymore. This is a result of creating a business that can operate without you and has strong systems and processes in place. This not only increases the value of your business, but also makes it more attractive to potential buyers or successors. You might decide to keep your business as an investor enjoying the ROI. By the way sound businesses have a much greater ROI than real estate or the stock market. Just saying.

Accelerate With A Business Mentor

Remember, transitioning is not a journey to undertake alone. Seek advice, collaborate and learn from those who have embarked on similar ventures, and embrace the complexities of initiating substantial change. Both your business and, more importantly, you, merit this transformation. By taking these steps, you're not merely replacing your role within the business; you're redefining it, injecting new vitality, and laying the groundwork for a legacy that will echo through the corridors of entrepreneurship.


This bold strategy cannot be undertaken solo. It demands courage, trust, and a readiness to relinquish control. However, the rewards are substantial: enhanced efficiency, more time for strategic planning, improved delegation, added value to your business, and personal development as a leader. Begin today, regardless of whether selling your business is an immediate goal. Preparing for an exit positions you for enduring success and ensures a seamless transition when the moment arises.

Don't delay until it's too late; start the process of "firing yourself" now and witness your business flourish in unexpected ways. You'll find it's a decision you won't regret. Venture forth and leave your entrepreneurial mark. The path to success is challenging, yet adopting the correct mindset and actions makes it remarkably rewarding. Embrace the concept of "sacking yourself" and see your business ascend to unprecedented levels. Best of luck!

Success is more about the journey than the destination. Continue to evolve, grow, and challenge yourself at every turn. Congratulations on embarking on the path to a sustainable and thriving business. The future is yours to shape! Enhance your journey with the guidance of a business mentor. You've got this!

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